News from Ian David Marsden’s illustration studio – October 2018

Welcome to my latest Fall 2018 newsletter with a glimpse of what I am currently working on and recently completed projects.

Dear Reader,

It has been quite a while since my last newsletter. I have been so deeply involved in various projects that I simply did not get around to writing and putting one together for you. I always love to be very busy and active, but it is now really high time to give you a brief update on my recent artwork and activities, so it is with great pleasure that I present to you this October 2018 edition of the Ian Marsden Illustration Newsletter.

Below a selection of sample artwork and highlights from recent projects.

The Green Lion Devouring the Sun - Artwork in private collection


I was delighted and honored that I received a shoutout in the recent “Inside Google” Blog post celebrating 20 years of Google and the history of the Google Doodles. From 1999 to the end of 2000 I was the artist creating all Google Doodles. It is very nice to be remembered in this way.

Many thanks to Google and to Ryan Germick the Principal Doodle Design director.



Some really exciting news: I have signed a book deal with Schiffer Books for my first graphic novel and my first book in the U.S. market. It is for the graphic novel adaptation of “The Way I Was” the adult memoir of the late Broadway and Hollywood composer Marvin Hamlisch. The publication date for the graphic novel is spring 2020.

Many thanks for the excellent representation by my literary agent Anna Olswanger at Olswanger Literary

Article from Publisher’s Weekly 20/09/2018 below:

Here a world premiere sneak peek over my shoulder…



I had the great pleasure of adapting a series of texts about the harvesting and production phases of their high-quality vital mushroom products for Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH and transforming them into short videos with elegant watercolor illustrations and pleasing voice overs.


In a nutshell – Video production for Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH

I was involved from the initial conceptual sketching phase and storyboard, then personally illustrated each scene and added light, unobtrusive animation and finally I produced a series of 6 different videos in 3 languages (English, German, French) for which I also supervised the recording of the voiceover in person in studios in Paris and Berlin.

The German voice was recorded in Berlin with the renowned actor Kaspar Eichel (German synchronization voice of Robert Redford, Richard Dreyfuss) at Livelive studio (in cooperation with the agency Sprecherdatei), the French voice was recorded in Paris with the Actor Daniel Beretta (French synchronization voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others) in collaboration with Titrafilm, the English voiceover was provided by David A. Watson and the agency GreatBritishVoices.

You can see all 6 videos in all different languages on the official Hawlik Youtube Channel Here:


Having these videos available as a marketing tool for their website but also for trade shows and for their sales department is an invaluable asset. Highly complex processes and details of the production can be relayed to clients and buyers quickly and in a pleasant format in various markets/languages 24/7.

It was a lot of fun working on this rather extensive project and I am delighted that the client was very happy with the result and customer reactions have been extremely positive.

Other video samples in various styles and more information on explainer videos or whiteboard videos can be found on my homepage:



I am delighted to announce that I am collaborating on an ongoing series of training videos for the Johner Institut GmbH in Konstanz, Germany for their e-learning platform. I myself am providing the English language voice and I am also the spokesperson. The collaboration has been highly stimulating and creative and it is a true pleasure to work with Prof. Dr. Christian Johner on his videos for the Johner Institute teaching platform. More details on this project perhaps in a future update.


Prof. Dr. Christian Johner and Ian David Marsden

Prof. Dr. Christian Johner and Ian David Marsden in the video studio.


As part of the usual illustration services I provide, it has been my great pleasure over the past months to work with various agencies and companies / corporations, many of which are regular clients, on their needs for high quality, clear and appealing business graphics and illustrations for their external or internal communication needs. Here a few recent examples.


I am continuing the relatively new avenue of my career of wine logo and wine label designer and artist. My most recent design is a fun logo and label illustration for ‘Domaine Les Tuileries’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. I like it a lot personally even though I dialed the “French” button up to 11, evidently.

More information at Domaine Viticole de Coursac, 30260 Carnas


I got a lovely mention in an article in the French press / Midi Libre. Thank you very much.

The local Mayor’s office in the village where I live asked me if I would design the Mayor’s New Year’s card. I was of course honored to come up with a personalized card and drawing for this purpose.

Thank you very much for taking the time to browse through my newsletter. Unless we speak directly beforehand, my next e-mail to you will be my traditional Holiday / End of the year greeting.

I hope you have a wonderful fall season.

All the very best,

Ian David Marsden






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Inktober 20 – 2017 – « Deep »

My inktober pen drawing for today. Following the prompt list, today’s word is


Pen on paper and later added digital watercolor with Wacom Cintiq Display in Adobe Photoshop CC2018

Pen drawing video on instragram here:

Digital coloring video on instragam here:


Ian David Marsden



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Neues von Illustrator Ian David Marsden – Herbst 2017 Newsletter


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Vorhergehende Newsletter ansehen


Mit grosser Freude schreibe ich diese neue Ausgabe meines persönlichen Zeichner-Newsletters.

Ich habe mein on-line Portfolio komplett überarbeitet und alle Kategorien enthalten neue und aktuelle Illustrationen, Cartoons, Designs und Animationen/Videos welche ich für diverse Kunden gestalten durfte.

Link: www.marsdenillustration.com

Einige Neukunden:

All Stars Project, Carlos Dias, Drägerwerk AG, Executive Learning Systems, Jay Abraham Strategy Institute, Max Curious (NYC), Mycotrition GmbH

Anbei eine kleine Auswahl zur Ansicht.

Für jede Kategorie gibt es ein Titelbild welches durch Anklicken eine Galerie der jeweiligen Stile und Anwendungen öffnet.


Mein persönliches Skizzenbuch

Comics und Cartoons!

Klare, Saubere Business Illustrationen


Editorielle Zeitungsillustration für die NZZ am Sonntag / April 2017

Whiteboard Explainer Videos und Motion Graphics

Logos, Signete, Maskottchen, Etiketten


Karikaturen ab Foto (kein Live-Zeichnen)

Ein Klick auf meine Visitenkarte öffnet ein Mail-Fenster
[email protected]
Direkt auf mein iPhone +33 (0)6 42 49 82 11

PS: Die Instagram Freunde unter euch lade ich herzlich ein,
mich dort zu besuchen.






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Major Site Update

Trying out the swanky Editor in the WordPress iPhone app and using this opportunity to point out that there has been a major site update. All categories have been updated with new artwork and the entire navigation and presentation has been given a new look as well.

I hope you enjoy some of the new illustrations, designs and cartoons and please stay tuned, because there will be new posts coming very shortly as well as a new newsletter update.

Thank you for your interest and more very soon.


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T-shirt illustrations for pro wrestler Johnny Mundo – formerly John Morrison

T-shirt illustrations
for pro wrestler Johnny Mundo – formerly John Morrison

by Illustrator Ian David Marsden

T shirt illustrations for pro wrestler Johnny Mundo


I was delighted when I was asked by pro wrestler Johnny Mundo
to design a series of illustration for original t-shirts and sportswear
featuring his wrestling persona, signature moves and slogans.

First designs are now online and available for purchase in the shop:


More designs to follow very soon.

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Ausgezeichnet: Von Ian Marsden gezeichnet – Top Kampagne 2014  


Wir wurden Ausgezeichnet!

Ausgezeichnet! Die gezeichnete und animierte Kampagne für die dfreeeze Smart Phone App der Firma digades GmbH ist als sit & watch Top Kampagne 2014 ausgezeichnet worden.

Es war mir eine grosse Freude als Charakter Designer, Illustrator und Whiteboard Video Produzent bei diesem Projekt mit dem Team der Firma digades zusammenzuarbeiten.Vielleicht gibt es schon bald neue Abenteuer mit unseren Freunden Michael und Stefan aus dem Video.

https://www.dfreeeze.de/de/dfreeeze-steuere-auch-du-deine-standheizung-app-0“Wir werden berühmt! Nach dem Artikel im VW, Audi und Porsche Magazin “GUTE FAHRT”, ist die Werbung uber unseren legendären Winterabend nun auch noch national ausgezeichnet worden.Ein Dank an den Zeicher Ian D. Marsden und natürlich auch an die Agentur von Sit&Watch für den Preis!!!

Echt ne HEIßE SACHE unsere App zum Aufwärmen ; )”

digades GmbH
Digades: Spitzenelektronik aus Sachsen

Link zum YouTube Whiteboard Explainer Video – hergestellt von Marsden Illustration

Ich heisse Ian David Marsden und bin ein freischaffender Illustrator und Designer welcher in diversen Stilrichtungen arbeitet und sich auch auf Whiteboard Explainer Videos spezialisiert.Was ist ein Whiteboard oder Explainer Video?
http://marsdenillustration.com/whiteboard/Hier ein Link zu einer kurzen Biographie und Kundenliste.
http://marsdenillustration.com/deutsch/Es würde mich sehr freuen Sie und Ihre Kunden bei interessanten und kreativen Projekten zu unterstützen.

Von Ideen und Konzepten, über Storyboard, Charakterentwicklung und Character Design, Sympathiefiguren und Maskottchen, Illustrationen und Reinzeichnungen in diversen Stilrichtungen für Druck, Web und Video kann ich Ihnen das gesamte Spektrum anbieten.






Mit allerbesten Grüssen,Ian David Marsden

Copyright 2015 , All rights reserved.


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La Linea – Viva Cavandoli

La Linea – Viva Cavandoli

From April 10 to May 31, 2015
Musil of Rodengo Saiano, Brescia Italy

A tribute to the amazing imagination, humor and art of famous Italian Cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli creator of La Linea.
On Facebook: Viva Cavandoli

Here is my contribution to the exhibition and Tribute Book. I will most likely be present in person at the opening ceremony also.

La Linea – Cavandoli Tribute Cartoon Illustration by Ian David Marsden

La Linea Cavandoli tribute by artist Ian David Marsden





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Happy Holidays! – Meilleurs Voeux! – Frohe Festtage!

Animated Santa Claus and Rudolph Cartoon
Wishing you a very happy Holiday Season and may the New Year be full of wonderful surprises, good health and happiness.
– –

Je vous souhaite une année riche en belles surprises, en petites joies et grands bonheurs.

– –

Ich wünsche ihnen Frohe Festtage, einen guten Rutsch und möge das neue Jahr schöne Überraschungen, gute Gesundheit und viel Freude bringen.

– –

Ian Marsden Christmas
Ian David Marsden – Illustrator – Designer – Animator

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Halloween Monster Drawing Tutorial Videos Wacom Cintiq and Adobe Illustrator

Halloween Monster Drawing Tutorial Videos in Adobe Illustrator

Just in time for Halloween: A brand new series of “How To Draw” videos where I show how I create a basic rough sketch in Autodesk SketchBook  Pro software.
>LINK to software

This is what the rough sketch looked like when it was completed:

and then I placed this rough sketch on a template layer inside my Adobe Illustrator document and drew and inked the line art for the three characters, the Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin, the witch/vampire lady and the werewolf.
Finally I also colored the artwork in illustrator using flats and shading and also several gradients.

The final artwork looks like this and is 100% vector art so it has no pixels and can be scaled to any size losslessly.


Follow me along in the following tutorial videos. If you have any questions please post them as a comment under the videos in my YouTube channel and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.
Also please don’t forget to like my Facebook page to stay updated about new projects and new videos I am uploading. Facebook is also a good way to get in touch with me if you have any questions about what I am doing in these videos.

Video 1: Digital Sketching in Autodesk SketchBook Pro

Video 2: Inking the lines of the Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin in Adobe Illustrator

Video 3: Inking the lines of the witch/vampire lady character in Adobe Illustrator

Video 4: Inking the lines of the fierce werewolf cartoon character in Adobe Illustrator

Video 5: A look “behind the scenes” of the final color vector Halloween art in Adobe Illustrator

Thanks for watching. Please visit my website http://marsdenillustration.com for by bio and more samples of my artwork.
I am an independent illustrator and I am available for projects.

You can also find me on Facebook – Click Like! if you enjoyed these videos and if you would like to keep up to date with my latest projects and new YouTube videos.

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Article Midi Libre sur Illustrateur, Designer et Graphiste Ian Marsden

Bio Ian Marsden English | Bio Ian Marsden Français | Bio Ian Marsden Deutsch
– – – – – – –
Article Midi Libre sur Illustrateur, Designer et Graphiste Ian Marsden
Vacquières : un artiste hors du commun
Midi Libre 26/07/2014

Ian Marsden exprime sa passion dans son atelier à Vacquières

Il y exerce avec un talent reconnu depuis de longues années, le métier de graphiste, illustrateur, designer.
Né à New York, Ian Marsden révèle très jeune une aptitude pour le dessin et une imagination débordante. Ces dispositions artistiques sont très appréciées par les publicitaires et les designer. Il participe à des stages et il est bien vite remarqué pour sa plume et sa créativité originale, drôle. Celle-ci s’adresse aussi bien aux touts jeunes, qu’aux ados ou aux adultes avertis. Il obtient un diplôme en étude dessin animé (matière où il excelle) à la prestigieuse académie de Santa Monica collège.

A 16 ans, Ian vend ses premiers dessins à un journal satirique Suisse. Il devient le plus jeune artiste « Nébi », et ses publications dans divers magazines lui font très rapidement une solide notoriété. Doué et talentueux, pour lui, la vraie magie derrière chaque création, c’est sa capacité à écouter attentivement le client et analyser son désir, qu’il reproduit fidèlement. Il conçoit des personnages style caricatures et des mascottes pour les événements majeurs tel que la mascotte officielle du championnat du monde de ski à Saint-Moritz, des panneaux publicitaires, etc.

En 1999 il est le premier artiste à dessiner pour google les petites histoires qui se déroulent autour du logo ; et qui s’appellent aujourd’hui google doodles.
Il est également un designer attitré de la marque Ritzenhoff qui réalise des objets utilitaires ou décoratifs en verre et en porcelaine.

Notre illustrateur met en image les idées qui lui viennent à l’esprit et leur donne couleur, forme et mouvement.
Il réalise des dessins pour des livres très variés, tel que la couverture de l’album de Toya Jackson et bien d’autres.

Vous pouvez consulter son site : marsdenillustration.com ou le contacter au 06 42 49 82 11.

LIEN au article

Par: Joséphine Gervais





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