Concept Art for Lindt Chocolate

In this gallery I would like to show some concept illustrations I greatly enjoyed creating in 2015 for Lindt Chocolate.

Lindt Gold Bunny / Goldhase

These illustrations were created based on concepts and ideas provided by art director Stephan Eisenblätter for the Rock Brasiliano agency in Germany. All artwork was created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator software.

All concepts and ideas © 2015-2020 Rock Brasiliano / Lindt.
All artwork © Copyright 2015 – 2020 Ian David Marsden

Client: Lindt
Agency: Rock Brasiliano
Art Director: Stephan Eisenblätter
Illustrator: Ian David Marsden

My artwork is displayed in my personal portfolio for self-promotional purposes as outlined in paragraph 15 of my terms and conditions.

15 Self Promotional Use
The Illustrator reserves the right to display the work in his portfolio, on his website, on Illustrator’s social media and other self-promotional outlets, unless specifically requested by the Client. A copyright notice and correct Credit Bylines will always be included as specified by the Client.

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