Ian David Marsden is a Featured Wacom Artist, showcasing his collaboration and tutorial videos using Wacom tools across various software platforms

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Welcome to my dedicated Wacom page. As an illustrator, cartoonist, and comic artist with a passion for merging creativity with cutting-edge technology, I have long relied on Wacom as my go-to brand for digital drawing tools. From their initial devices to their state-of-the-art displays, I’ve been a dedicated user of Wacom’s products, valuing their precision and seamless integration into my workflow.

My relationship with Wacom traces back to the year 2000, when I was based in Santa Monica, California. At that time, working on a dual G5 Mac, I integrated the Wacom Intuos tablets into my digital art workflow. Their responsiveness and accuracy instantly resonated with me, marking the beginning of a long-standing affinity for Wacom’s offerings. As technology evolved and Wacom introduced newer models, I transitioned to using their advanced devices, notably the Cintiq 24 pen display, followed by the Cintiq 27QHD touch. Each advancement brought with it a renewed sense of possibility, allowing me to adapt and refine my techniques in tandem with the progression of digital artistry tools.

Halloween Monsters Vector Illustrations in Adobe Illustrator for Wacom Tutorial Video

My professional journey intersected with Wacom’s innovation when they recognized the synergy between my artistic approach and their tools. In light of this, Wacom extended an invitation for me to become an ambassador (or evangelist) for their brand.

During my collaboration with Wacom, not only was I interviewed and spotlighted on the Wacom Blog, but I also had the privilege of being showcased as a Featured Artist with my own page on their official homepage.

Furthermore, I was entrusted with the creation of a series of specialized tutorial videos further solidifying my bond with the brand. In these, I demonstrated my workflow in various software suites, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Manga Studio (now Celsys Clip Studio Paint), and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Featured on Wacom’s official platforms, including their website, social media, and blog, these videos reflect not only my personal endorsement of the brand but also Wacom’s commitment to nurturing the global community of digital artists.

For me, Wacom’s tools have been transformative, allowing me to realize artistic visions that once felt out of reach. They’ve streamlined my work process, enabling greater spontaneity and precision. I’m honored to share my experiences and insights with others who share a similar passion for the world of digital art. Explore the content below to learn more about my journey with Wacom.

Regrettably, Wacom has since revamped their online presence, leading to the removal of my featured page and videos. However, I’ve taken steps to ensure they remain accessible, preserving them here for those interested in a retrospective glimpse into our partnership. These tutorials, aimed at both novices and seasoned artists, offer a deep dive into my creative process and the versatility of Wacom’s technology.

Wacom Cintiq Tutorials by Ian Marsden

A page about me and my work on the Wacom Community Website

Wacom Americas Ian David Marsden - The Original Google Doodler

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It is a great honour and pleasure that Wacom has dedicated a featured artist page to me and my artwork on the official Wacom homepage.*

Ian Marsden Featured Artist on Wacom Homepage*

(* These pages and links were sadly deactivated during a Wacom site redesign November, 2015)


Ian David Marsden: The Original Google Doodler

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