Concept Drawings: Volkswagen Sedric

Creating Concept Drawings for the Volkswagen Sedric Concept Car Presentation at CEBIT 2018 *

As an illustrator, I encounter various projects, each offering distinct challenges and creative opportunities. One particular project that holds a significant place among my favortes is the creation of concept drawings for the Volkswagen Sedric Concept Car presentation at CEBIT 2018. These drawings aimed to convey a compelling narrative, capturing the essence of this innovative concept car in a visually engaging manner. Familiar with the unpredictable nature of creative projects, I embraced the challenge when the assignment came on short notice. Time constraints were no obstacle for me, as I thrive in such situations, drawing upon experience and adaptability to deliver results swiftly and effectively.

The Volkswagen Sedric self-driving concept car is a pioneering innovation in the automotive world, representing a glimpse into the future of mobility. Designed with a focus on autonomous driving technology, the Sedric Concept Car aims to redefine the way we perceive transportation. This revolutionary vehicle embodies Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation, sustainable transportation, and cutting-edge design. With its sleek, futuristic appearance and state-of-the-art autonomous capabilities, the Sedric Concept Car is not just an automobile; it’s a visionary step towards a new era of transportation that prioritizes safety, convenience, and environmental sustainability.

The project involved illustrating various scenes, each presenting its unique set of challenges. These scenes included depicting the Sedric Concept Car concealed beneath a sheet before its grand unveiling, capturing the sensations of speed and innovation during a test drive, and seamlessly merging photographic material to create new scenes.

Additionally, I illustrated a riverfront scene outside Volkswagen headquarters, emphasizing the concept car’s harmony with its environment. The Sedric Concept Car represented Volkswagen’s innovation, showcased at the CEBIT expo with meticulous attention to detail.

Further exploration involved creating a black version of the Sedric Concept Car, adding an element of sophistication. The project also encompassed rendering the iconic Autostadt building and a series of drawings showcasing a diverse selection of Volkswagen cars.

Throughout this journey, I witnessed the transformative power of illustration to convey a story, evoke emotions, and communicate complex ideas. It was an honor to work on a project that challenged my creativity and technical skills, allowing me to contribute to the narrative of the Sedric Concept Car.

As an illustrator, my objective is to visually bring ideas to life. The Volkswagen Sedric Concept Car project at CEBIT 2018 exemplified the boundless possibilities of this endeavor—a journey filled with innovation, creativity, and the joy of seeing concepts materialize through strokes of a brush and blending of colors on canvas.

* CEBIT is a renowned international technology trade fair and conference, known for showcasing cutting-edge innovations, digital solutions, and the latest advancements in information technology. It serves as a platform for businesses, professionals, and innovators to explore and discuss the future of technology and its impact on various industries.


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