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Welcome to my page showcasing my range of designs for the RITZENHOFF design collection. As a member of the RITZENHOFF Designer Family, I have created nine different design objects for their collection, each with its unique style and personality. RITZENHOFF is a prestigious family-run company based in Germany, known for producing 50 million glasses every year and being one of the most high-tech glassworks in the country.

Since their inception in 1992, RITZENHOFF has been designing and producing quirky drinking glasses, inviting renowned designers to create themed ideas that suit all unique styles and personalities. These glasses have become popular collectors’ items and make perfect gift solutions for any occasion.

My designs for the RITZENHOFF collection include a wide range of products, from whimsical drinking glasses to functional kitchenware. Some of my popular designs include the playful Salt Pig, the charming Sugarbird, the bold Viking Beer Glass, and the adorable Cat Bowl featuring a cute character. Additionally, my Coffee Love Cappuccino Cups are available in both male and female versions, perfect for sharing a cup of coffee with a loved one. I also designed two beautiful Herb Jars, adding a touch of fun to any kitchen.

As a designer, I am honored to have contributed to the RITZENHOFF collection and to have defended their position as market leader in the field of exclusive models for the beverage industry. In the below gallery, you will find a selection of my designs for RITZENHOFF, each embodying the premium-level quality and unique style that the brand is known for.

Available in top quality stores world-wide and directly from RITZENHOFF © 2014 – 2019 RITZENHOFF and artist and designer Ian David Marsden

RITZENHOFF Designer Ian David Marsden

Coffee Love Cappuccino Cups
with saucers by Marsden

Lady Cup Coffee Love Design
Frühjahr 2016, Item #3300006

Man Cup Coffee Love Design
Frühjahr 2016, Item #3300005

Pet Shop Cat Design by Marsden
Cat Bowl / Futternapf für Katzen, Ian D. Marsden
Frühjahr 2014, Item # 3120004

Weizen Design Weizenbierglas mit Bierdeckeln /
White Beer Glass with custom coasters
Wikinger Design by Marsden /
Viking Design by Marsden
Item # 1020180

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Ian David Marsden, RITZENHOFF collection, Salt Pig, Sugarbird, Viking Beer Glass, Cat Bowl, Coffee Love Cappuccino Cups, Herb Jars.

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Artist’s Note: As items are sold out or phased out they are removed from the RITZENHOFF website.
I am keeping the old links here as a kind of “museum”.
I am not currently creating any new RITZENHOFF design objects.
– Ian David Marsden, January 2020

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