AN2V Kakemonos / Commercial Banner Illustration

I am frequently consulted by my clients to assist with marketing and advertising projects, with concepts and ideas, layouts and graphic design suggestions as well as of course drawings and illustration elements.

AN2V, the Association Nationale de la Vidéoprotection approached me for a very interesting project. Founded in 2004 by Dominique LEGRAND, this remarkable association was established to address the growing need for the exchange of experiences in the field of security technology. At the time, video surveillance, which we now call videoprotection, lacked structure, and many users were grappling with the challenges of deployment.

What sets AN2V apart is its unique combination of “demand” from both public and private users, along with companies offering products and services in the realm of security technologies. AN2V is truly one of a kind, and I was privileged to collaborate with them.

AN2V presented me with an exciting challenge – to create three distinctive, large-scale Kakémono display banners, each measuring 2.10 meters by 0.85 meters. These banners were designed to represent three key facets of AN2V’s activities: training, the association itself, and the universities they organize.

Two of the AN2V Kakemono banners on display at a tradeshow

My role extended beyond illustration; I was entrusted with maintaining continuity in the look and color scheme from their previous marketing materials while also evolving their visual language. With my extensive experience in crafting clean and captivating business illustrations, I proposed three key illustrations that would encapsulate the essence of AN2V’s diverse activities.

3 illustrations to depict three different aspects of AN2V's activties
business illustrations for display banners

Collaborating closely with AN2V’s team, we refined rough sketches until we achieved a final design that garnered their approval. Additionally, I had the pleasure of creating a new 3D version of AN2V’s logo (also as a motion graphics animation sequence), which is now a prominent part of their communication and serves as animated GIF signatures for electronic correspondence.

It was a true privilege to work on these missions for AN2V, and I am thrilled to showcase the results here. Two of the AN2V Kakemono banners were prominently displayed at trade shows, where visibility is paramount. These banners serve as an effective marketing tool, attracting attention and sparking valuable connections.

But what exactly is a kakemono? Often referred to as a “banner,” it is a narrow and vertical display that offers exceptional visibility for your company, association, or product. It’s designed to captivate and engage visitors, whether at a trade show, exhibition, or any other setting. Lightweight and space-efficient, kakemonos can be rolled up and stored in a transport tube. They are equally suited for both indoor and outdoor use, weatherproof and UV resistant, and can feature printed surfaces on one or both sides.

The versatility of kakemonos is undeniable. They come in various categories, including suspended, fixed on self-supporting structures, and roll-up banners. These banners can be easily attached to vertical stands using eyelets, clips, or adhesives, and they can be conveniently rolled up when not in use.

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