Kakemonos / Commercial Banner Illustration

I am frequently consulted by my clients to assist with marketing and advertising projects, with concepts and ideas, layouts and graphic design suggestions as well as of course drawings and illustration elements.

The client required three different large-scale Kakémono display banners (2.10 meters x 0.85 meters) as portable rollup banners for three different areas of their activity: training, the association itself and the universities organised by AN2V.

I was also tasked to keep a basic look and color scheme alive from their previous marketing materials, and to evolve the visual language.

Here is an example of a very fun assignment by repeat customer of mine: AN2V https://an2v.org the Association Nationale de la Vidéoprotection based in 69210 L’Arbresle, France.

With my extended experience in clean and appealing business illustration I proposed three key illustrations to embody the essence of the three fields:

3 illustrations to depict three different aspects of AN2V's activties
business illustrations for display banners

together with the client’s team, we refined the rough sketches until I received a green light for final artwork. Furthermore

I also created the new 3D version of the previously existing AN2V logo seen here, which is being used throughout their communication and as animated signatures for electronic correspondance.

I was delighted that AN2V entrusted me with these missions, and I am delighted to share the result here with you.

Two of the AN2V Kakemono banners on display at a tradeshow

One of the objectives when a company takes part in trade shows and other similar exhibitions is to get more visibility. Originating in China, the kakemono has become an essential advertising tool to make the company and its values known.

In fact, the use of a kakemono cannot be exclusively summarized in a trade show. It is an adaptable communication support that can be installed anywhere. What is a kakemono and how does it become an essential marketing tool?

The “kakemono” is also often referred to under the name of “banner”, or commercial banners. It is very often a narrow and vertical banner which offers an excellent visibility for your company, association or product. It visually interests and attracts the visitor and is intended to trigger a contact, even a purchase or a contract.

This elegant and practical marketing support is easy to carry and takes up little space. It can be rolled and stored in a transport tube. It is equally ideally suisted for indoor or outdoor use, weatherproof and UV resistant. It can feature printed surfaces one or both sides

The large display surface is an asset for your event communication.

There are several categories of kakemonos: suspended, fixed on a self-supporting structure (banners) and those with an integrated roller (roll up). The banner can be attached to a vertical stand with four eyelets, clips or adhesives, and can be rolled up.

More examples from my illustration and design portfolios on my home page:
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