Mascot Design Logo FIS Ski World Championship 2003 St. Moritz

(with YouTube Video Radio Interview with Mascot Designer Ian Marsden)

I n 2002 I was contacted by the organization for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in the renowned pristine alpine resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. I was informed, that I had been chosen as the designer and illustrator to create the official mascot for the event.

This character design was my first foray into the world of mascot designs and logo character design and opened the door for many subsequent projects. As the first it has a special place in my heart.

There had previously been a drawing competition among the children in St. Moritz schools, to come up with an idea for the mascot. The winning drawing featured a combined sun and moon, so from a design aspect I was asked to incorporate this concept into my designs.

The final character is the one displayed in the gallery below and was named “Smoony” by the commitee (for S(un) and Moon(y))

Swiss Radio SRF3 (DRS3) Interview mit Maskottchen Designer Ian David Marsden
(Schweizerdeutsch / Schwiizerdütsch / Swiss German)

DRS3 Interview: Michael Zezzi spricht mit Maskottchen Designer Ian David Marsden

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