Ian David Marsden was the creative director for La Toya Jackson and Beverly Hills based production company Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC

While working as a Santa Monica, CA-based designer, illustrator, and animator, I had the opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects such as the inaugural series of Google Doodles, as well as spearheading Shockwave and Flash web animations for Sham Multimedia, where I served as creative and animation director.

TOY La Toya Jackson Logo on pillow
La Toya Jackson TOY Crest Design on Pillow

These recent accomplishments gave high visibility to both me and my work and brought me to the attention of Jeffré Phillips and his Beverly Hills-based production company Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC. Seeing a quality and distinctiveness in my creative process and style, he approached me to oversee the creative direction for all aspects related to La Toya Jackson’s branding. This encompassed her personal design needs, visuals for her singles, albums, and other promotional endeavors.

At Ja-Tail Enterprises LLC, I was entrusted with designing a multitude of materials for La Toya Jackson and for the company, including singles and album covers, tray inlay cards, and insert booklets. Each design was tailored to echo La Toya’s brand and musical essence. This synergy of collaboration involved close communication between La Toya, Ja-Tail Enterprises LLC, and me, ensuring the desired result at every stage from concept to completion.

Logo and Crest Designs for Ja-Tail Enterprises LLC, Bevery Hills by Ian Marsden
Ja-Tail Television Logo

A notable highlight of this collaboration was La Toya’s affinity for elaborate hand-drawn regal crest designs. My creations for her began as hand-drawn artworks, which were later created in Adobe Illustrator as vector art. This approach enabled the creation of intricate, versatile designs apt for a range of marketing materials. The following gallery displays some of the artworks conceived for La Toya, each piece underscoring the commitment and precision involved. Working alongside such an accomplished artist and her adept team at Ja-Tail Enterprises LLC was truly a rewarding experience.

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Latoya Jackson’s Personal TOY Royal Crest and “Eye” Logo Designed by Ian David Marsden

As creative director for the Beverly Hills based Entertainment company Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC
I oversaw the design and implementation of various projects.
(Ja-Tail stands for “Just Another Timely Adventure in Life“)

La Toya Jackson - Free The World

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Photo of La Toya Jackson used as a basis for the cover illustration by Ben Kufrin

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