Children’s Book Artwork and Illustrations for Young Readers by Ian David Marsden

Welcome to my children’s book illustration portfolio. I’ve spent considerable time illustrating for children’s books, television, and other projects designed for young readers. Simply put, I enjoy crafting drawings that are engaging, clear, and have a hint of humor.

Art Styles:
I work with both traditional and digital methods in my illustrations. Depending on the story, I adapt my style to best suit the narrative, ensuring it appeals to its young audience, whether that’s a playful fairy tale, an adventurous journey, or a heartfelt story about friendship.

Character Design:
Designing characters is something I genuinely enjoy. From everyday animals to imaginative figures, I focus on making them relatable and interesting for young readers.

I often incorporate subtle humor in my work. A light moment, a playful expression, or a funny scene can add so much to a story. Being a father to three girls has given me firsthand insights into what makes children smile and giggle

Digital and Traditional Art:
I use a mix of traditional methods like pencil, dip pens and ink and watercolor along with digital tools to bring my drawings to life. This combination lets me create illustrations that feel both familiar and fresh.

Feel free to browse through my children’s book illustrations. If you’re an author, a publisher, or simply someone interested in getting artwork for a children’s project, I’d be happy to discuss how I can help. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

Contact: ian@marsdenillustration.com

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