With over 25 years of international experience as an illustrator, designer, and producer, I pride myself on delivering thoughtful and high-quality visual solutions tailored to your needs. From custom illustrations and explainer videos to intricate business comic strips, my expertise ensures a unique perspective and commitment to every project.

I invite you to get in touch for a complimentary conversation and consultation. Whether you have queries, ideas, or simply wish to discuss potential collaborations, I’m here to listen.

You can contact me directly via phone, e-mail or any of various messaging apps. If you appreciate my work, consider connecting with me on social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Subscriptions, follows, and shares are always appreciated and help bring creative visions to life.

Thank you for considering a collaboration. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the success your projects.

Ian David Marsden
Montpellier Region, Hérault (34), France
Direct Line and Whatsapp: +33 (0)6 42 49 82 11

A quiet, agreeable moment by the fireplace - Timelapse Drawing Video


Timelapse live drawings, work in progress, sketches and doodles, behind the scenes views of my studio and surroundings in the small wine producing village in the south of france, where I live and work (snapshots of meals at bare minimum, promise).

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Top Professional in my field, 99+ endorsements, testimonies and recommendations in my main activity of Illustration and various other fields such as graphic design and animated video production. Le’ts connect on LinkedIn!

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Doodling and Drawing videos, Procreate Timelapse Videos, Drawing Tutorial Videos, Playlists of various Whiteboard, Explainer Videos, Animation and Motion Graphics Projects, “Drawing with Daddy” (with my daughters) and many other fun things.

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Montpellier, Herault, Pic Saint Loup, Pic St Loup, Saint Mathieu de Treviers, Quissac

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