Business Comic Strips and Characters

Business Comic Strips and original comic characters created specifically for a product or campaign are a fantastic way to gain the interest of the viewer and bring your message across in a fun and likeable way.

Often these characters can be used as standalone ambassadors for your product or company in print or even on products or packaging. Appealing and likeable comics give you something to relate to and maximise engagement. The style of the artwork and story of the comic strips can vary greatly. The comic strips, still images and characters can also appear in a full multimedia campaign in motion graphics or animated videos or explainer videos which can be produced at the same time.

Below a gallery with many samples and two examples of animated business illustration applications.

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Comic Strips can communicate concepts and ideas to audiences of all ages and completely transcend languages. I have created comic strips to give friendly reminders to recycle Coca-Cola cans printed directly on the cans, or giving fun tips on how to live in a more ecologically aware way.

Comic strips can also be used for internal purposes such as employee training and skill development, corporate training and executive briefings or just to replace or enhance dry presentations and PowerPoint slides. Comic Strips are also a wonderful media for E-Learning or educational material.

I have many years of experience in the writing of strip scenarios and creation of characters, and drawing and animating comics for international clients. Please visit the gallery below for a few examples.

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