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Business comic strips and character design by illustrator Ian David Marsden

Mascots and comic art are powerful marketing tools that businesses of all sizes and types can use to effectively communicate their message to audiences of all ages and completely transcend language barriers.

The Power of Comic Strips

Comic strips can communicate concepts and ideas to audiences of all ages and completely transcend languages. They can be used to give friendly reminders, offer tips, and provide educational material. For example, Coca-Cola assigned me to create wordless comic strips to remind people to recycle cans which were printed directly on the cans. These strips can also be used for internal purposes such as employee training and skill development, corporate training and executive briefings, or to enhance presentations and PowerPoint slides. They are also a wonderful media for e-learning or educational material.

Creating Effective Comic Strips

Creating effective comic strips requires careful consideration of the target audience and using recognizable imagery while keeping the message simple. I have many years of experience in the writing of strip scenarios, creation of characters, and drawing and animating comics for international clients. My work includes standalone ambassadors for products or companies in print or even on products or packaging.

Variety of Art and Story

The style of the artwork and story of the comic strips can vary greatly, from humorous and whimsical to serious and informative. The comic strips, still images, and characters can also appear in a full multimedia campaign in motion graphics, animated videos, or explainer videos. These can be produced at the same time for maximum impact.

Successful Examples

Many businesses have successfully used mascots and comic art in their marketing campaigns. For example, Red Bull’s iconic cartoon characters, and the “Red Bull gives you wings” animations, have become synonymous with the brand. Banks and car companies have also used mascots and comic art to increase engagement and brand recognition.

The company mascot character design in various poses

My Expertise

I have the artistic abilities, creativity, expertise and experience to help businesses create effective mascots and comic art that can effectively communicate their message to audiences of all ages, regardless of language barriers. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use these tools to enhance your marketing campaigns, contact Ian for a free consultation.

Comic and Cartoon Artwork by Ian David Marsden
Comic for Stadtwerke Wedel

In conclusion, using mascots and comic art can be an effective way to engage with customers, improve communication with international audiences, and increase brand recognition. With the right expertise and careful consideration of the target audience and messaging, businesses of all sizes can effectively use these tools to enhance their marketing campaigns. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your designs. Please contact me for a free consultation:

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Custom Illustrated Videos

Below a gallery with various samples and also two examples of animated videos.

Marsden Illustration