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Logos, Character Designs and Mascots
by Ian David Marsden


Logo, Character and Mascot Design

Welcome to my portfolio, showcasing a curated selection of logo designs, character illustrations, mascot concepts, and crests. This gallery is a testament to a tailored and meticulous design process honed over years of experience.

Noteworthy projects showcased here are the Google Doodles crafted for the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2003, the official mascot for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championship in St. Moritz 2003, and a precise vector art representation of Joseph von Fraunhofer for the esteemed Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Additionally, you’ll find the persona of “Oscar” a friendly character designed for seele, a vibrant cast of characters birthed for the Swiss Expo.02, as well as personalized logos and crests commissioned by entertainer La Toya Jackson.

Each project, regardless of scale or client, is undertaken with a consistent dedication to quality and authenticity. The aim is always to encapsulate the essence of the brand or the individual’s vision within the design. Please take your time exploring this collection, and don’t hesitate to reach out for any inquiries or to discuss potential collaborations.


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