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Packaging Design, Logos and Identity Projects by Designer and Illustrator Ian David Marsden

Packaging Design, Logos and Identity

Welcome to the showcase of my Packaging Design, Logos, and Identity Projects. Here, you’ll find a curated selection that mirrors both my diverse experience and my specific design influences. I have had the privilege of serving a wide range of clients from various parts of the world, and this portfolio is a testament to the scope and depth of those collaborations.

Growing up in Zurich, Switzerland, and being traditionally trained and instructed as a graphic designer in the old school, I was deeply rooted in the core tenets of Swiss graphic design and typographical philosophies. This foundational influence is palpable in my work; I frequently embrace the “less is more” principle, believing in the potency of simplicity and clarity in conveying messages. Yet, I harmoniously blend this minimalist approach with hand-drawn elements and vibrant splashes of color, lending depth and warmth to my designs.

My projects have spanned a diverse spectrum: from crafting logos for plush toy brands in Los Angeles, shaping packaging for Swiss health supplements, to German Vital mushroom labeling. I’ve also had the privilege of designing wine labels for a variety of regions and tastes, encompassing hearty Pic Saint Loup wines from the Languedoc to delightful American wines from the state of Washington. Furthermore, my portfolio showcases conceptualizing marketing displays for global trade fairs, the official mascot for the 2003 St. Moritz Ski World Championship, distinctive album covers and crest artwork for La Toya Jackson, and unique labels for rums.

Venturing into the digital realm, I have experience in UX and UI design, where precision meets aesthetics. Using tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD, I’ve designed coherent vector icons tailored for diverse platforms, ensuring they resonate both visually and functionally.

Every design challenge is a journey of synthesis: blending research with intuition, traditional design ethos with modern trends, and refined typography with organic hand-drawn elements. If you’re seeking a design partnership or have any questions, I’m here to assist.

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