Google Doodles by Marsden

The very first Google Doodles were designed by
artist and illustrator Ian David Marsden

Google Doodles by Ian David Marsden

The Very First Google Doodles were created by artist Ian David Marsden

One of the incredibly interesting facts 😉 about my decades spanning artistic career, is that I am the very first Google Doodle artist.

Here is a link to a Wall Street journal article about the early days at Google, and how Susan Wojcicki (my boss back then) found me and hired me as the first google doodle creator: Wall Street Journal – Google The Beginning 

Gallery of all the Google Doodles I ever designed

The first Illustrations I made for Google, were shown on April Fool’s Day 2000.
Google launched the amazing MentalPlex Technology where you could just think of what you were searching for and Google would find it. I created a little character and made some animated GIFs to explain how it worked.

See the instructions here:

My first ‘Google Doodle’ series was also the very first actual Google Doodle – namely the Alien abduction of the Google logo which happened in May 2000.

UFO Abducts Google Logo
UFO Abducts Google Logo

My second Google Doodle was Google Doodle II – Founding Father’s BBQ and Fireworks for the 4th of July.

4th of July
4th of July

The third series of Google Doodles I designed were the Olympic Doodles for the Summer Olympics in Sydney – with the little ‘Kangaroodle” character design I made for the event. I have never received more fan mail than I did during the days these olympic google doodles were online. Hundreds of e-mails from all over the world. All of them positive and friendly.

(Google Doodles Summer Olympics in Sydney )

Here’s one of the olympic doodles from the above links:

2000 Summer Olympics Sydney
2000 Summer Olympics Sydney

The last Google Doodle I drew was the Global Happy New Year Doodle 2001 with the two little white bears throwing a party.

Happy New Year 2001
Happy New Year 2001

I hope you enjoyed this little walk with me down my Google Doodle memory lane.

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