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Comic Strips Sustainable Energy

For France-based client Sustain D I was tasked to develop original character designs for two cartoon characters and draw a series of comic strips featuring energy saving and ecological tips and tricks.

Let the sun shine in and you don’t need to turn the lights on 😀
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21 Janvier – Journée Internationale des Câlins

21 Janvier – Journée Internationale des Câlins

January 21 – International Hug Day

Here’s a hug from me to you! <3 🙂

Celebrate International Hugging Day on January 21st with this adorable cartoon of two cuddly fuzzy animals sharing a warm embrace. Share the love and spread the joy with this cute illustration perfect for social media and messaging apps.

Hugging Bear and Bunny illustration

(Click on drawing for bigger version – Feel free to share!)

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