Comic Strips Sustainable Energy

Character Design and Comic Strip for business on the subject of renewable energy and sustainable use of house appliances, Fox and Robot Character

For France-based client Sustain D I was tasked to develop original character designs for two cartoon characters and draw a series of comic strips featuring energy saving and ecological tips and tricks.

Let the sun shine in and you don’t need to turn the lights on 😀

There’s a Fox cartoon character, smart and eager to learn new ways of living and behaving in a more ecological and energy-efficient way. Then a clever little robot called Major Domo who has all the answers and gives the Fox many really good suggestions to save energy and money and protect the environment.

In a friendly, bright and playful way, various scenarios are explained in colorful and appealing comic strips without words, so they can be globally used and understood.

I had great fun coming up with these two characters and drawing their adventures, and I think it shows in the final artwork.

Below, a gallery featuring a selection of comic strips.

Marsden Illustration