Dräger – Break the Chain of Infection

Draeger - Infection prevention
Comic drawing of a lady wondering what kind of stains are in her kitchen chocolate ketchup or others

A series of 4 videos and posters created for Dräger on the topic “Break the chain of infection”
The comic strips have no text so they are language independent and can be used internationally. The same goes for the video series.

The four different areas covered are: Infection prevention and control, increase Patient Safety,
Infection Prevention by Design and Improved Workflow

The Dräger company desired the appearance of vintage comics, pop-art and the iconic look
of the classic portraits by artist Roy Lichtenstein.

I created the illustrations in the requested style and added halftone patterns
to give the artwork a printed, retro look. All four videos in the series and a small gallery of stills blow.

More videos on my YouTube channel:

Break the chain of Infection_IPC_Infection prevention and control
Break the chain of Infection_IPC_Increase Patient Safety
Break the chain of Infection_IPC_Improves workflow
Break the chain of Infection_IPC_Infection Prevention by Design

Storyboard, illustrations and video production by Ian David Marsden – marsdenillustration.com

Marsden Illustration