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I am frequently called upon to create drawings for presentations and explainer videos or advertising videos or education videos.

My style of drawing videos and explainer videos differs from the vast majority of video productions because they are actual drawings which unfold, drawn by an actual artist who knows how to draw. The appearance can vary in different illustration styles, we can use color, we can use painterly brush strokes, pen, or pencil sketches. It is an actual work of art unfolding. The intrigue also lies in what unfolds first and what unfolds next.

Custom drawings. Always.

Many video production companies use templates, stock illustrations or prefabricated scribing software to keep the price down. This leads to many of these videos looking the same and therefore immediately losing appeal before they are even clicked.

If the drawing is interesting, fun, whimsical and nicely drawn it adds a whole new dimension of interest, appeal, and quality to the presentation. Hand-drawn illustrations in line with the spoken text maximise the learning effect.

Please have a look at my illustration portfolio to see some of the projects it was my privilege of illustrating and the wide range of styles I work in. https://marsdenillustration.com/advertising-business/

I am also available to draw live. Virtually via a remote connection during which I can react and create drawings directly based on what I am hearing from the event, or else we can write and produce scripted content in advance, which I then draw on cue. Finally, I can also be present in person and draw live at events or presentations, again based on a scripted scenario or spontaneously reacting to cues I am hearing directly, this is called live scribing. I can draw with pen or markers on paper or boards and the progress can be projected onto a larger screen or a much better result can be achieved if I draw directly onto my iPad Pro which is connected to a beamer or transmitting via AirPlay.

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More on my personal YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/IanDavidMarsden

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