Illustrated Workflow of Graph Database Modeling – Explainer Video

In this illustrated explainer video, I was tasked by the client to follow the steps of graph database development from the architect to the database admin to the developers. 

With appealing illustrations that unfold before your eyes, this explainer video showcases the step-by-step process of how each team member contributes and collaborates to create a successful graph database. The animations and illustrations by created by me (artist Ian David Marsden) effectively communicate intricate procedures by utilizing character designs that personify different professions, along with vibrant graphic symbols. This approach results in a clear and visually appealing presentation.

Illustrated Workflow of Software Development for Businesses - Explainer Video

Custom illustrations and animations by artist Ian David Marsden.

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More about tailor made explainer videos:

One of the primary advantages of using illustration and animated whiteboard videos is that they help simplify complex concepts. With the use of visual aids, it’s easier for your audience to understand complicated ideas. Additionally, using artisticly hand-drawn videos can help you establish your brand identity. By incorporating your brand’s color scheme and logo, you create a cohesive and recognizable look and feel.

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In conclusion, illustrated explainer videos by artist Ian David Marsden are an excellent way to promote your business. They help simplify complex concepts, establish brand identity, and are highly engaging and shareable. If you’re looking to showcase your products or presentations, consider using an illustrated explainer video.

Marsden Illustration