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Objects designed by artist Ian David Marsden


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© 2014 – 2019 RITZENHOFF and artist and designer Ian David Marsden

RITZENHOFF Designer Ian David Marsden


Coffee Love Cappuccino Cups
with saucers by Marsden

Lady Cup Coffee Love Design
Frühjahr 2016, Item #3300006

Man Cup Coffee Love Design
Frühjahr 2016, Item #3300005

Pet Shop Cat Design by Marsden
Cat Bowl / Futternapf für Katzen, Ian D. Marsden
Frühjahr 2014, Item # 3120004

Weizen Design Weizenbierglas mit Bierdeckeln /
White Beer Glass with custom coasters
Wikinger Design by Marsden /
Viking Design by Marsden
Item # 1020180

See these items directly in the RITZENHOFF on-line store: HERE | Sie können diese Objekte direkt HIER im RITZENHOFF shop ansehen

 (Artist’s Note: As these itemes became sold out or phased out – they have been removed from the RITZENHOFF website.
I am keeping the old links here as a kind of “museum”. I am not currently creating any new RITZENHOFF design objects.
– Ian David Marsden, January 2020)

All artwork © Copyright 2014 by Ian David Marsden
More information about Ian, a brief biography, some testimonials and a client list can be found HERE.

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Bio Ian Marsden English | Bio Ian Marsden Français | Bio Ian Marsden Deutsch

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