Google Doodles

The very first Google Doodles were designed by
artist and illustrator Ian David Marsden

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Above are a few examples of the Google Doodle Art which I designed in the timeframe I was the lead Google Doodle creator from 1999 to 2001.

If you would like to find out more about all of the different Google Doodles I designed here is a link to all of them,
I have written a special blog entry about the Ian David Marsden Google Doodles

I had the pleasure of being contacted by Google in 1999 to become the very first Google Doodle artist and illustrator.
Here is a link to a Wall Street Journal article about the early days at Google which mentions how I got involved : LINK

It was tremendous fun and I was delighted when Google contacted me to be their first artist.
Back then I was working out of a studio in Santa Monica, California and we were trying to keep our little two year old baby daughter in diapers,
so the whole magical world of the internet in it’s very first pioneer days was a wonderful and thrilling place.
I was honored and thrilled that I was able to actively participate with Google

Even in those early days it was clear to me (and most other people) that Google was headed for greatness. 🙂

© Copyright and Ian David Marsden


All artwork © Copyright 2016 by Ian David Marsden
More information about Ian, a brief biography, some testimonials and a client list can be found HERE.

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Bio Ian Marsden English | Bio Ian Marsden Français | Bio Ian Marsden Deutsch

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