Ritzenhoff Salt Pig by Marsden

Cute Salt Pig Design by Ian Marsden

Ritzenhoff Salt Pig by Marsden

Category: Children’s Book Illustration

My name is Ian David Marsden.
I am an internationally experienced professional illustrator, designer and cartoonist.
I write and illustrate my own children’s books, graphic novels and stories for young adults
and I also illustrate manuscripts by other authors.

If you are a publisher or an agent, please
Contact me via e-mail
Languages: English / Deutsch / Francais

Important / Please note:
If you are an author starting out in the children’s book field and are looking for somebody to illustrate your stories in order to present them to potential publishers,

or if you are planning to self-publish your story and are looking for an artist to work on spec or for free up front for later revenue sharing, please do NOT contact me.
You can submit your story to editors without illustrations, they will quickly be able to tell from your cover letter and synopsis that it is a story which is intended to be illustrated.
If a publisher is interested and decides to move ahead with your project, they will match you with a fitting illustrator for your material. It is not expected that you deliver a finished book.
As a professional illustrator I live from my artwork and I do not work on spec.

You can view more galleries of my work
in my portfolio here: www.marsdenillustration.com

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