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Hand-made Whiteboard Videos

What makes MY videos special?

Custom made from A to Z by an experienced, published Cartoonist.

Freelance Illustrator, Designer, Cartoonist and Animator.
Producer of Whiteboard and Explainer Videos.

Beispielvideo in Deutsch mit der Stimme von Schauspieler Kaspar Eichel

Example Video in English with the voice of David A. Watson

Vidéo en Français avec la voix de Daniel Beretta

Every video I create for my clients is hand-crafted and bespoke.
They are made with care and precision.

No clip-art or stock art. No re-usable characters, faces, elements or scenery are ever used. 

A very high production value with fair flat-rate pricing
(no surprises with extra hours or overtime) is my goal.

Right from the beginning, I can be of assistance to suggest clever, fun, amusing or unusual ideas – in case you aren’t set on a script or story yet. If you have a finished script, as I work on the storyboard artwork, I might have a few visual suggestions that could fit very well and enhance your written words as a result your video will be even more appealing.

Once a rough script has been approved, I create a rough storyboard/layout of the video, so that we can go over the scenes before any sound is recorded or any ink is spilled on final illustrations.

Needless to say during the entire production, you will be dealing and interacting with me personally, not assistants or members of my team.

Likewise, I guarantee that the final artwork, based on the approved storyboard, will be hand-drawn by me personally.

Tailor Made Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Let’s look at some examples:

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Knowledge Nuggets for the Federal Acquisition Institute:

(character designs, illustrations and backgrounds by Ian David Marsden)

Video Playlist: Ian David Marsden Whiteboard Videos

The World is not Flat
Max Curious Agency
New York City – October 2016

Playing / Growing
Max Curious Agency
New York City
October 2016

We Are What We Are
Max Curious Agency
New York City
October 2016

Digades (Germany)
Dfreeeze Remote Control Car Heater App – 2015

Sens Digital, Montpellier, France – Click and Collect (French Language) – 2015

What art styles are available?

Many different styles can be used in a whiteboard video.

 Animated Motion Video in a style
reminiscent of Pop Art or Classic Comics
Client: Dräger
The artwork from the videos was also used
in print on comic posters and other literature

Video to explain a production process in a lightly watecolored and hand drawn style

Whiteboard Video for All Stars

Dräger Animated Video
Dräger Animated Video

Even though most whiteboard videos are kept in a black and white art style, often with a line quality that resembles markers or chalk,
the line art can also be very clean and highly detailed.

As a matter of fact, any style you see in the various pages of my portfolio (LINK) can be used in your video.
Marsden Art Portfolio: http://marsdenillustration.com/portfolio/

The video can be cute, funny or also very clean and business like, depending on your message and your target audience.

Tell your companies story with a fun whiteboard explainer video

Animation Style:

All kinds of animation styles are at your disposal.

There is, of course, the traditional “drawing hand” and also the “flat hand” that can slide elements in and out, move the whole image, and zoom in and out to add more to the artwork as it develops.

The hand can write titles or certain text passages from the voiceover to stress their importance or slide in speech bubbles.

Parts of the artwork can also just appear, fade in and out or “pop” in
with a little wobble and a sound effect.

Side note: If you would like me to appear in person and draw something live at an event or if you would like it to be ME who is filmed while drawing, this is possible as well.


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