Packaging, branding and Identity Designs by Ian David Marsden

A gallery of identity-, packaging-, flyer- and catalog designs by
artist and designer Ian David Marsden

Gallery of Corporate Identity and Packaging Designs
by  Designer Ian David Marsden

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Here are some samples of various packaging designs I have created. The most recent one is for a new line of Vitamins and Minerals by the renowned Swiss company Sanafort
The superlative in Vital Mushrooms and other healthy nutritional supplements and teas.

Party POW! is a , all-natural energy supplement.
My assignment for Party POW included the design of the PartyPOW! Logo, the design of an original character referred to as the “Party Animal
who eventually evolved into a red and yellow gorilla. I also designed all the characters and drew the illustrations for the party scene on the red “Party Pack”
as well as the visual instructions with the thumbs up and the rocket on the inside of the pack.

I also created the packaging design for the blister pack and the three packages,
red party, black leather and brushed steel.

Finally, I storyboarded, wrote and illustrated two whiteboard scribing explainer videos for PartyPOW!
and to top it all off in the English version we even used my voice as the narrator. 🙂

This is a project where I can safely say I had my fingers in pretty much every pie and I am quite pleased with the outcome.

All artwork © Copyright 2017 by  Ian David Marsden and clients

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Bio Ian Marsden English | Bio Ian Marsden Français | Bio Ian Marsden Deutsch


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