Advertising and Business Illustration

Designs and Illustration created for Advertising Campaigns,
Products and Companies by artist Ian David Marsden

Advertising Business illustration

I am a highly experienced illustrator who has worked for clients in Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States
Working with advertising and business clients on campaigns, packaging and internal and external publications.

Anything that requires illustrations, storyboards, character designs or even just fun and/or unusual ideas or concepts
It would be my pleasure to assist you and your team on your upcoming projects.

Artwork from various projects and clients. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2018 the individual clients / artist: Ian David Marsden

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May I stay in touch?

I send a personal e-mail newsletter from my studio around 4 times a year with my latest drawings and illustrations, updates on current projects and new clients. Please sign up below. Thank you.


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